Fequently Asked Questions

Does ACPL do business diagnosis?

Yes! Nearly all client engagements start with a business diagnosis. There are different types of diagnosis which are used. Please ask a consultant for understanding which type of diagnosis is appropriate for your firm.

Can you make strategic plans and handhold its implementation?

ACPL can create strategy plans based on your requirements. Depending on the product or service that you are offering, the maturity of the market and number of other factors, the strategy that is developed will be different for each client.

Can you check our company systems and processes (procedures)?

As part of the initial business diagnosis, a high level check of systems and processes are done. Further detailed checks can be conducted based on the issues that are identified during the initial diagnosis.

Do you train and mentor our staff for a department?

Training is developed specific to a client and the department or domain of expertise. The frequency of training is also an important aspect. We do train the process owner to understand process maps and help them create a suitable training plan for their process team. We do not mentor client staff.

Can you help make changes to improve our organisation’s culture?

Absolutely! All changes that need to have long term impact, will need to have changes to the organisational culture. Changing culture is a slow and steady process and usually extends well beyond a regular client engagement. We can help you get started!

Can you create market entry strategies for a product or service?

Yes! One of our core strengths is to create market entry strategies for any product or service within a given budget.

Will you assist top management or director board with decision making?

We will provide assistance to the top management and the director board. Our principal consultants will be collaborating with the board to help with decision making. All client engagements will have a team of resources to help the top management and board to propose and test decisions for the firm.

What industries have you worked with and what are your expertise areas?

Please take a look at the industries we have worked with. For expertise areas please take a look at our services. Do get in touch with us for detailed information about an industry or service.

Do you have a size of company that you usually deal with?

As a rule of thumb we deal with companies that have a turnover of at least US$ 1 million (for Indian companies of at least Rs 10 crores). If you are a small company then we recommend you use our MSME consulting service called Business Klinic.

Can you handle international operations?

We regularly handle international operations such as exports and new country entry. A number of domestic clients have used our services to start their international service and to enhance their international presence.

How long will a regular business change implementation take?

Changes to regular business can range between 6 months to 18 months. The wide range is because of numerous factors both internal to the business and those that are part of the external market.

Can you help with ERP implementation?

Yes! We can help a business select an appropriate ERP based on the firm size, budget, process maturity and other factors. During the implementation stages we can assist to prioritise business needs and software capabilities so as to remove any conflict with the ERP implementers.

We have a lot of data. Can ACPL do some analysis?

Data analytics is an important service we provide. We can analyse all kinds of data, especially ERP data, to achieve some interesting insights and actionable information for your business.