Business Consulting Course

The business consulting course is aimed at introducing:

  • the basics of how businesses work and evolve over time
  • business consulting as a career option
  • how to understand the performance of an existing business

FAQ about the course

How much is the cost for the course?

Rs 10,000. You can pay via the payment gateway online. Click here

Lunch is included in the course fee!

What if I only have B.Tech, or B.Sc or B.A?

You need to have completed a 3 year bachelor degree. The degree can be from any field, there is no restriction. The Business Consulting Course is aimed at providing an understanding as to how businesses work and introducing you to management and business consulting.

What are the date and duration?

16 – 20 July, 2018 (Five days). Each day is 5 hours of class (2 sessions of 2.5 hours each and the lunch break)

Do you provide a certificate?

Yes, we provide a certificate if you attend all the five days and complete the course.

Location of the Course

At Arambankudyil Consultancy Office,

Kannanthodath Lane (Metro Pillar 453), Edapally, Ernakulam

What will happen after the course? What should I expect after this course?

A few students may be selected depending on their performance during the course to represent Business Klinic (a service line of Arambankudyil Consultancy) to engage with clients as their first step. They will create a quick overview of the company and report on it.

Keep in mind that not all students will be interested in business consulting. So this course is also looking to sensitise students as to what they could expect in a business consulting career.

What are topics or areas covered for the course?

The course is aimed at providing a hand-on approach to understand how businesses work. The skill being developed is that of analysing a business. Some of the topics that are covered are how to understand the different types of customers, types of markets, how to map internal processes, how to view business risks, employee satisfaction, basics of finance.

Who is teaching this course?

  • Mr. Mani A Pulimood (30 years of experience in business consulting and specialised in turn around)
  • Dr. John Mathew (PhD in Business with 10 years experience)

Is there someone I can call and discuss further details about this course?

Yes! Please call us at +91 703 476 5837